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Pregnancy Test

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How soon after Ovulation can at pregnancy test give you accurate results? I haven't yet had PPAF but am pretty sure that I ovulated around the 1st. Since then my rising temp has been way up. So I think that I am pregnant but trying not to think about it too much.
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Your body doesn't produce the HcG hormone until after implantation has occured - generally anywhere from 7 to 14 days after conception.

After that though, it depends on how sensitive the test is that you take. A test that measures for 25 units of HCG will show positive much sooner than a test that measures for 100 units of HCG.

Also, everyone produces HCG at a different rate, and it's not only different from woman to woman but from pregnancy to pregnancy for the same woman too.

Okay - that said, I have gotten my positive tests at :
  • ~ 18 days post conception
  • 10 DPO
  • 11 DPO
  • 10 DPO
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My last + test was at 11dpo.

The thing that jumped out at me is that your temps are continuing to rise. If it doesn't fall back down by about 11 days, I'd do a test.
My first positive test was 8 days post conception..
I used that digital EPT test...
Then the next day I used the regular line or 2 line test and it was REAL faint!
Yep, every morning DH and I wait to see what my temp is. The last time I conceived my temp was up for 16 days before I took a test. Its exciting yet unnerving at the same time!
dpo? - days past ovulation?
just wondering
i wish i couldn't have known as soon as you all did. it took me forever to know for sure that i was pregnant. i was afraid i was going to have to get a blood test to prove it.
i apparently concieved some time in late december. i thought i was pregnant in early january. the test was negetive. i took it again at the begining of february this time i used the expensive digital read and that came back negative also. finally a few days before the 25 of feb i took another test because my period was 3 weeks late. that test resulted in a very faint positive. but my mother had her period all the way through all of her 4 pregancies. that test when i went to show it to my finace later that night didn't show any lines. i knew i was pregnant so i told him i was without showing him the stick. the only time it looked forsure on a test was when i went to the health department in mid march.
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Yep, dpo = days past ovulation.

This pregnancy I got a super faint + at 10dpo.
Dd I had a faint + at 12dpo.
Both of my m/c's the + has been at 12 and 13dpo.

Good luck.
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