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Pregnant after an ectopic

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Has anyone else been through this?

I didn't know I was pregnant when I found out I was pregnant with the ectopic in June...but it was still a big loss.

I hate how out of control I feel.

I hate how I feel I cannot fully trust my body until the ultrasound tells me this time we have implanted IN the uterus.

I'm scared to tell anyone, and yet I'm totally excited at the same time.

Please commisserate with me.

Tooby (2B)
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First, congratulations on your new pregnancy!!! I have never been pregnant after an ectopic, but I have been pregnant after losses, and it just can be so nerve wracking. The wondering whether this one will work out. The loss of trust in your body. It just is hard, and I always tried to tell myself that worrying about it is not going to change a thing, so I can as well try to relax and enjoy the pregnancy. Of course, that did not always work, but sometimes it does.

When will you have your u/s? I hope this one has found a nice, safe place in your uterus to implant! Please keep us posted!

I have had two pregnancies after my ectopic, and yes, I understand how you feel. All my confidence was shattered during my first pregnancy after the ectopic. There's a lot to deal with in terms of regaining confidence in your body.

How did your ultrasound go?

Hang in there,
I am sorry I didn't see this sooner. I had an ectopic pregnancy shortly before becoming pregnant with Ben. I, too, didn't even know I was pregnant. We were trying, but I got my period as expected. 2 weeks later I was spotting and cramping. Within 2 days I was in the hospital with a ruptured tube. I was devastated. I had none of the problems like endometriosis. It was very scary and very sad. I grieved for that baby and not being able to save "him". I was also sure I would never get pregnant again, with only one fallopian tube.
3 months later we conceived Ben. What a blessing...but I was so scared. A good friend shared her beliefs that sometimes a lost baby comes back in spirit...that they just weren't ready the first time. I wanted to believe that. I felt like Ben really wanted to get to us and I couldn't wait to hold him in my arms.
It was very healing to have Ben and regain trust in my body to nurture another baby. Blessings to you and your baby.
I'm so happy for you. Just remember not to worry to much it's not good for you or the baby.
I had an etopic in april. We were ttc, but I didn't know I was pregnant and when my tube burst I thought I was just having a really bad period until I ended up in the ER. The hardest part for me was that I didn't feel like anyone understood the loss that I was feeling. My family acted like it was just a little "medical" problem and after a few days of rest everything would be fine. So I feel like my baby was never real missed or greived for. I have yet to get pregnant again. My period has never been regular and now I'm missing my left tube, that cuts my chances in half! I keep track of how far along I should be and I think about the fact that next month my baby should be born. Every month I take a pregnancy test because I want to know right away this time.

Thanks for letting me share,

I'm so sorry about your experience. I also noticed that people tend to think of it as surgery only, forgetting that you are also grieving the loss of that baby, and your tube, too! (For me it brought all sorts of uncertainty about my future fertility). And, actually, it's a very traumatic experience (experiencing that excruciating pain, landing in the ER, emergency surgery, wondering if you could have died...), much more intense than a "little medical problem".

By way of reassurance, I wanted to mention that my doctor felt my fertility was not decreased by having only one tube. He said that the fallopian tube is actually quite elastic and can seek out an egg, no matter which ovary its released from. I have had two full-term pregnancies and a few chemical pregnancies since, which leads me to believe that I'm getting pregnant pretty easily. Also, are you aware that an HSG can be helpful after an ectopic? I wasn't getting pregnant, so my doctor performed an HSG, where dye is shot through the tube to check for any blockages. It apparently can also clean out tiny blockages that aren't visible. I got pregnant the next cycle after the HSG. So, something to keep in mind...

With support and empathy,
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I also had an ectopic pregnancy last year of november and had lost my right tube.Now I was shocked and didnt expect to get pregnant this early..i am about 5 weeks pregnant and i am so damn worried about having another for now everything was fine no cramping nor bleeding.I didnt visited my doctor yet for i was afraid to have an ultrasound this early so i might wait for 2 weeks to have an ultrasound.I am pretty stressed out this past days thinking about my last ectopic..but i didnt loose hope..I hope everything will turn out fine.Thank you guys for posting and giving us hope!
I've had two ectopics in a row on my left side. The first one was a 911 call emergency surgery surprise, the second I was bleeding, got a HPT+ went for my ultrasound and they sent me down for a vaginal where they found the tubal and again, immediate surgery.

I'm sorry you were scared. I know how that is! I hope you're doing ok now and have seen a healthy baby!
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