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Pregnant and craving salt - what am *I* missing?

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I signed on to ask this and laughed when I saw the sugar thread. I'm crazily craving salt - drinking tomato juice, eating salt and vinegar chips, putting extra salt on salads, drinking carbonated water in addition to normal water... What good thing am I missing in my diet?


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It could be trace minerals. The quality of salt one uses is important. Using a celtic sea salt provides you with the saltiness and a wealth of trace minerals particularly calcium. This is a nice one and available in most HFSs.
It could also be a sign of needing more water. Sometimes the body will crave salt when it needs water. This happened to me a couple of months ago - I was really craving salty stuff and when I paid attention I was NOT drinking enough water. This is baby #4 you'd think I'd know to drink more water, but I was busy and not paying enough attention I guess!
You do actually need more salt when you are pregnant. Salt your food to taste, don't try to cut back.
ITA there is nothing wrong with salt-as long as it's unrefined. It should be gray or pink and should state that it is unrefined, hand gathered, sun dried and retains all trace minerals.
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