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Pregnant and EBF

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Our youngest DS was down to nursing only at night to go to sleep but ever since I got pregnant he has been wanting to nurse all the time! Is this normal???? I'm only like 6 weeks along so it's not like it would be a jealousy thing, he doesn't even know I'm pregnant!

It's not a problem, just thought it was odd figured I'd see if this was a common thing.

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That is EXACTLY what we went thru . . . and when I came here and asked, "Is this normal?!?!", the unanimous reply was YES!!!! I don't know if it's bc the milk changes, or they sense that we feel like crappola so they need more closeness or what, but it seems to be pretty common among EBFers. And just when your nipples are killing you!

My ds backed off right around the beginning of my 2nd trimester.

Hang in there and Congrats on the new pg!
My DD and I are going through this right now! She is 28 months old and I am 6.5 months pregnant and she just wants to nurse non-stop. I dont know why, but it does seem to be normal. There was a breastfeeding while pregnant thread a while back and everyone was talking about this... I just hope she slows down a little after the new baby is born.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!
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It could simply be a dip in your supply and your nursling trying to bring the supply back up.

Also, nurslings have a great sense of the changes in our bodies during pregnancy. They notice tiny physical changes that we don't ... the taste of the breastmilk can change or your colostrum can come in ... there are so many factors.

My oldest nursling, who was not quite 3 years old when his littlest sibling was conceived (he was tandem nursing with his little brother at the time) told me that I was pregnant (and that I was having a girl) before I even considered the possiblity that I was pregnant. He insisted on it and when asked how he knew, he just said, "I can tell. You've changed." He was right (about the sex of the baby too!) and I was only 3 weeks along when he made the announcement.
Probably the taste has changed, and if you're like me, your supply may dip quickly in the pregnancy, causing your little one to nurse like crazy to bring your supply back up. Stay well-hydrated, rest a lot, and hopefully things will ease up after a while.

My DD was nursing 10-12 times a day at that point in my pregnancy; then gradually dropped to 1-2 times, until colostrum came in around week 24, and from then to the end of the pregnancy she nursed 4-6 times a day.

Thanx ladies!!! It's good to know it's all normal. My DH thinks it's a riot that DS can't keep his hands out of my shirt! :LOL
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