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Today marks 3 weeks that I've had this darn thing. I can't seem to shake it... every time I think I'm getting better, my symptoms are just changing.

Week 1:
Scratchy sore throat in evenings
Progressed to scratchy annoying cough in evenings
Basically felt OK

Week 2:
The worst week.
Started out feeling better.
Then got worst sore throat I've ever had. Got throat culture = negative (i.e., yep.. it's a virus).
Fever ~100 for 2 days.
Felt so achey and stiff one day I took one Regular Strength Tylenol ( half a dose) and felt much better.

Week 3:
Aches and fever gone.
Then runny nose showed up - sounded like I had a bad cold (congested, etc.) for a couple of days.
Past 4-5 days, I have been coughing like crazy - fits of coughing especially at night but also during day. It's starting to freak me out, because I'm coughing so powerfully I actually pulled a muscle (round ligament or something).
Last night I took 1/2 dose plain Robitussin and got 4 straight hours of sleep for the first time in days.

Vitamin C, zinc, oscillo taken throughout but are doing basically no good. Lots of fluids as always (I'm 32 weeks pregnant).

On a curious note, my kids and husband are completely fine. No symptoms at all after 3(+) weeks of me like this!

Should I go back to the doctor? What could this be?
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