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pregnant and working - losing motivation!

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This is pregnancy #2 for me. With #1 I was so busy finishing my dissertation I barely had time to enjoy it. I took two years off to stay at home and now with #2 I plan on returning right back to work. staying at home just wasn't for me. Anyway, I am thrilled to be pregnant but losing ALL MOTIVATIOn at work! I just don't care, I just want to be lazy and pregnant. Anyone else have this happen to them when pregnant?
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um yeah!!! much worse w/DS... maybe you are having a boy this time?
: he sucked out all my brain juice.
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I taught up until a week before I had my first son and didn't get why everybody was so surprised.

I started cutting back on substitute teaching months ago with this one and have not been working on my comps like I should. On the one hand, I wish I had some sort of concrete work to do, but there's no way I have the brain power for anything sustained right now.
Totally feel you! I've got 10 more work days and it feels like an eternity!
I feel the same and sadly I have 12 weeks to go with no option for leaving before my baby comes. If I go overdue I'm going to be so miserable. I already can't deal with the sheer physical discomfort of sitting at my desk all day (I'm such a wimp, I know it could be so much worse!).
I took off sick a week before my due date for no reason other than to sit at home and read cheap novels in peace while I still could. I feel you!

I was slammed with deadlines until 7 mo pregnant but after that it was come in late, leave early, surf internet, kill time. It was great
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Oh yeah, I have been there with both DSs. I worked until I went into labor with both of them but the last month I was pretty much just counting down the days until my I could go on leave!
I stayed at home while pregnant with my first two. I enjoyed it. But I'm enjoying working this time around. I get out of the house and don't sit on my butt all day accumulating extra weight like I did during previous pregnancies.
But I'm only 23 weeks so I may start to lose my motivation somewhere down the line.
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yeah I felt that way w/ DD and I feel it again w/ this one....but I'm not even working. all the emotions have been directed at school. i've caught myself whining to DH "who cares if I graduate?" lol

I wonder if it's just hormones to keep us focused on the pregnancy.
I'm having a really hard time with this, too. Of course, I rarely feel motivated to do my job! Luckily there is quite a lot of down time where I can just pretend to be doing something.

But my biggest problem is that we also just bought our first house.

We need to get moved in, but by the time the weekend rolls around all I want to do is sleep and sit on the couch.

I'm working until I go into labor unless any unforeseen issues arise. So I just don't know when all this stuff is going to get done!
I can definately relate. I think that is just our body's way of saying you need to shut down and rest. Your brain may want to be at work but the body is telling you otherwise. Hang in there!
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I'm 7 years older now than last time, so I'm blaming on that. On the other hand, I'm in a MUCH better postion at work, so I'm a little happier to be here. But I have such limited patience for DH and DD and all of the body aches, pains, unbalance, difficulty with stairs, sleeping, etc.
Oh I totally hear you. I feel like I'm not motivated to do a lot right now. I just want to cocoon and read and think and take care of myself. But life doesn't stop spinning and so it's going through the motions for now.
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Hi I am new here.

And I am expecting my first in June!

Still working now but I am gradually starting to drag myself to work.

I hope this is normal but I am trying to keep myself motivated and excited at work by telling myself that I will not be working for 6 months after giving birth - taking a long absence.

Maybe it will help if you take a break?
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