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I'm 10 weeks pregnant and my dd seems to be nursing less and less. I can hear here swallowing the entire time she's nursing, and I've always had a good supply so I really don't think my milk is drying up. But... she's gone from nursing 2-4 times a day to suddenly nursing only 1 in the morning. The last month or two I've let her tell me when she wants to nurse. (she uses the milk sign). For the last week, it has been about only twice a day, and then 2 days ago, she only nursed in the morning. My breasts were rock hard by the middle of the night and hurt all night until she woke up and nursed in the morning. (She sleeps straight thru the night) and then again, yesterday, she only nursed in the morning and didn't nurse last night. My breasts were full, but they did not become rock hard and hurt, which I was grateful for...

She asked to nurse this morning, but I'm worried that she is weaning. If that is what she wants, then I will respect that, but I didn't think she'd wean this early on her own....
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how old is she? from your post it sounds like she is pretty young. if she's under two i would encourage her to nurse more often. make sure you're offering too, not just waiting to be asked.
My DD is nearly 17mo old. I'll try offering more.... often lately when I offer or if she seemed interested during the day, she changes her mind the moment I get my boob out!
: Odd for us.....
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It's possible that even though your supply is still good, the taste of your milk may have changed and that's what's putting her off. Perhaps try to make the most of the times when she's relaxed (naps, bedtime) and see if she'll nurse more then? But there is a very good chance she will wean herself (although some babes do express interest in starting again once the new baby is born). One of my girlfriends just went through a similar experience, her now almost-2-yo weaned at 18 mos, shortly after my friend got pregnant.

My 2yo is still nursing but he doesn't yet show any signs of letting up - even though I don't seem to have much supply left at all (I can barely hand-express, even after DS has just nursed). I guess he's a confirmed comfort-nurser! You just never know how the little ones are going to respond to the changes of pregnancy.

A random thought, if she won't nurse but you still want her to have bm, maybe you can pump and offer bm in a cup? The different "delivery method" might throw her off enough that she will at least drink it. Worth a try...

Good luck!
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What you described sounds exactly what is happening with us, except my dd is older, 23 months old. She was a constant, all day and all-night nurser with no end in sight. I got pregnant in March and wasn't expecting anything to change, and suddenly, around April/May, she started nursing less and less frequently.

I'm 16 weeks pregnant now, and the past 2 nights she didn't even ask to nurse before bedtime, just cuddled up beside me and went to sleep (unheard of in this house! she's been nursing to sleep every night since she's been born). She still wants it for naptime, and when she wakes up from sleep in the morning, but that's it. There's no other reason why it could be except that I got pregnant...either the milk tastes bad or the supply dropped, or maybe both.

B/c my DD is almost 2, though, I've decided that if/when she weans, I won't push her to tandem nurse. But your DC is much younger; I'm not sure what I'd do in your shoes with a younger child who is weaning.
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