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Pregnant robot tests medical talents

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The full-sized, blond, pale mannequin is in demand because medicine is rapidly abandoning centuries-old training methods that use patients as guinea pigs, turning instead to high-tech simulations. It's better to make a mistake on a $20,000 robot than a live patient.

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"As Noelle's heart rate increased, a nurse examined her under the sheets. An umbilical cord was visible -- not a good thing. Immediately, the nurse called a "code 777." Several more medical personnel burst into the room and wheeled Noelle off to the operating room where she gave regular birth to twins after a frenzied 20-minute operation."

Note that they say "regular" birth. They mean C-Section. That is not a regular birth. How is a fenzied 20 minute operation a regular birth anyway? It's interesting how media language is used, isn't it? What, with all the news about elective C-Sections. They are regular births, don't you know.
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