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pregnant signs during a period?

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I'm not sure where to post this, but I'll start here. I started having nausea (very mild) off and on in the late evening about 3-4 weeks ago. I thought I might be pg, but then a HUGE period showed up about 1 to 1 1/2 weeks later. I had some nausea through out my period, but the period was so heavy that I discounted it. It probably was my heaviest period in ten years. It lasted almost a full week, too. (Note, I've only had 3 post partum periods due to extended breastfeeding...ds is 17 mo)

Anyway, slight nausea off and on since, but nothing that has made me say "I'm DEFINATELY pg!" Still, I have this nagging feeling that I am. Past 3 days, more nausea and this morning, 2 hours of it b/c I didn't eat. Plus I'm starting to have a full feeling around my uterus and some mild aching. And I'm exhausted all the time.

But, If I am pg, it would have been before the huge period, I'm pretty sure....can you bleed that much and be pg? I didn't even spot with my other pregnancies.

I guess, I'm not asking so much about being pg...that is easiest enough to find out for sure...but more about when I would have become pg, b/c of the big period in the midst of all of this.....

Was I clear as mud? LOL!!!

Thanks for any insight you can give me!
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Take a pregnancy test as soon as possible IMO. Yes you can bleed huge amounts while pregnant. When I got pregnant with #3 I had two what I thought were periods, turns out I had a sub-chorionic hemmorage. I was bleeding so bad ( much more than normal), with lots of clotting and severe cramps, since it eventually became just not normal I took a test and it was +. I was on best rest a few weeks and the doc said I could have easily lost the baby, but she made it just fine, although I did have a previa throughout. So yes it is completely possible to bleed A LOT and be pregnant, and furthermore have a relatively healthy pregnancy, but if you are and your not taking it easy, it may do harm. Not to scare you, but your story hit close to home. Let us know.
It can also be possible to be pregnant with twins and lose one or to have an incomplete miscarriage. I hope it isn't one of these, but I would agree with taking a HPT and if you are, scheduling an appt to see what the bleeding is about.
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Thank you for the replies. Bought a HPT today. Results are negative. Will retest in a week or so if symptoms continue. Otherwise, I'll figure that it is just hormones all out of wack as my periods try to resume a normal pattern.
Thanks for the update. Yeah, maybe its just PPAF craziness
: .
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