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pregnant with an IUD?

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Has anyone gotten pregnant with an IUD in place? I have a copper IUD and have had it since after ds was born but the past few days my nipples have been on fire every time ds nurses. I have heard that this is a symptom of pregnancy. I can't find any cuts or scratches on my nipples to explain away the pain. My last period was about 40 days ago but my cycles are usually very irregular (anywhere from 30-45 days). So, I'm just wondering... Thanks
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Is it possible that you guys have thrush?
It can happen, getting pregnant with an IUD. I would tend to suspect thrush as well, esp with burning nipples. Do they look extra red at all? Do you have any other symptoms that would indicate a pregnancy?
I finally called my midwife yesterday. She said that she doesn't think it's thrush because there is no redness. She didn't know what it could be though. She suggested the typical cabbage leaves and hot compresses remedy and if no relief in a day, call back to go see the lactation consultant. I feel a little better today, I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Thanks for the advice.
I had thrush with no redness! Are your entire breasts sore, or is it *just* the nipples?
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