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My DD is about 14 months and still nursing A LOT (she is not really a fan of solid food). That said, I have not started ovulating (that I know/knew of) yet. I have started to have tender breasts and pregnancy is one cause, correct? I don't have any plugged ducts. At first I thought it was because she was just having a lazy latch at night, but now they are tender during the day as well. I don't really have any other pregnancy symptoms, but I didn't have any real strong ones with DD (my hormones aren't very strong) either (tenderness was one of the only ones I can remember).

Any ideas?

(the reason I'm not peeing on a stick yet is because throughout our nursing relationship I've been convinced I was pregnant a couple times and bought numerous tests and just don't want to buy another one if I'm just being a hypochondriac)
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Yes, tender breasts can be a pregnancy symptom, but they can also mean a load of other things (a pre-menstrual indicator, ovulation, poor latch).

It is handy to have lots of cheap test strips around if you are an over tester like me. Theses are great:
When I was pregnant with my second and nursing my first (she was 15 months old), I noticed right away that my breasts were quite tender and it really hurt right when she latched on. When I was pregnant with my third and nursing my second (who was 20 months), the hurting wasn't really there but I did notice a slight tingling in my breasts about a week past ovulation that was my first clue I might be pregnant again. Neither time, however, were my breasts as swollen and blue-veined as they were at the beginning of my first pregnancy!

I'm also an over-tester... but I also got my periods back within six months of each birth, so it was easier to gauge when I was supposed to be testing/wondering!

Did you get morning sickness at all? I would think if you wait a week or two, you'd notice something along those lines. Then again, I have a friend who first found out she was pregnant with her third while nursing her second... and she felt a kick! She was 20 weeks along!!!
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The tests at Dollar Tree cost a buck & are really sensitive. Just sayin'.
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