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Premium Prefolds

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I was just wondering how many mommies out there pin or snappi their prefolds, WITHOUT having to fold them down in front.

I like Karens idea of trimming the prefolds, but i don't want to do it if DS is going to grow out of them.

So how many of you don't need to fold your PF and how old/what size is your baby.

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Joe is 23 lbs, and 11 months old, the premiums don't even come CLOSE to fitting rise wise, I have to fold all of them down (althought he indian ones don't have to be folded nearly as much) I am going to trim some of mine here soon, when I have the time. They are going to be out grown in the waist WAY sooner than they would ever be grown into in the rise.

I have some toddler ones I got on accident and they have to be folded nearly in half, but hey they work well in the waist! LOL ~
Mickade is almost 17 months, 26 lbs, and 34-35 inches tall. I still fold the front down. I'm going to trim a few to lay in some RB's and other covers but keep the bulk of mine as they are, since he is such a TALL child.
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We have two in diapers (DD just over night).

DS is 33-34 inches, 27ish lbs and we fold over.
DD is 42-43 inches, 37ish lbs and we fold over.

I can't ever see us using the full length!!!

I have a heavy front wetter and I couldn't imagine my cpf's being absorbant enough without some fold-over fabric! I upgraded from premium to toddler just because there wasn't enough fabric to fold over and still hit dd's wetzone.
Simone, does she really wet up front (does she lay on her belly or with her bum up in the air) or does the front just get wet? In other words, could the extra material just as easily be in the stride and still work for her? Karen cut off the extra and sewed it in as a doubler, so she didn't loose the extra absorbancy, just the bulk up front.
I *love* the extra absorbancy I get with the fold over! Its just perfect for boys.
Emily, my youngest, must be a really odd shape lol. We do still have to fold her prefolds (premiums). Shes at the point with premiums where I won't use the snappi - too snug at this point, but can still get a nice fit using pins. I do have to fold over a bit, but there's only about an inch and a half of fabric that gets folded over so I usually just flap it over the front to cover the pins - tucking it in does nothing as far as adding absorbancy since it's such a short amount kwim?
Now with her toddler sized prefolds there is plenty of extra material folded over even though the material snappied around the hips is a perfect (ideal) fit
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Is Caden shaped funny? His penis opening points down so low that that folded over part only gets wet as the pee from the middle wicks up the front. Or do a lof of you have babes who point straight up? Orrr... I forgot about this possibility... a friend of mine had a baby with a penis that seemed to stick straight out of the fat pad on his abdomen, like it was hidden. That would make the pee come out a lot higher, too, I suppose. Interesting.... I'm thinking about this a little too much, I think. :LOL
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