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Hi Ladies!<br><br>
Do any of you have recommendations for prenatal DVDs? I'm 6 1/2 wks along, and having moderate morning sickness. (With DS, I had <b>extreme</b> morning sickness for 5 months. I keep expecting to get worse and/or wondering how long it'll last this time!)<br><br>
I can already feel that I'm losing muscle & my muscles are getting tight because I haven't been moving around as much the last couple of weeks. I tend to have very tight muscles & ligaments anyway. Otherwise I'm in decent shape.<br><br>
Many of the prenatal DVD's I've seen focus on cardio or staying "lean". But right now I don't think I could handle anything too strenuous. I'm looking for something that's good for stretching muscles & slowly strengthening your core muscles. I've seen some yoga & pilates DVDs, but I've never done either of those & don't know how they'd be for a complete beginner. I'd also be interested in prenatal bellydance (I took bellydancing many years ago).<br><br>
Any recommendations would be appreciated! Thanks!
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