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Prenatal yoga?

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Hi- anyone else already started or considering starting prenatal yoga? I took a wonderful class while preggo with my first. Half the class was a sort of "get in touch" session where the topic changed each week and the 2nd half of class was yoga movement. I also have the "active birth" book and am hoping to start doing some of those exercises on my own to open things up- as very similar to yoga. Anyone have a suggestion for a good prenatal yoga DVD? The next session doesn't start for 3-4 weeks and I'd love to get going now.
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I've been doing a Gaiam prenatal video w/Shiva Rhea... I like it. I honestly don't know if it's really good... all of my yoga experience is video.
I think I saw mixed reviews on that DVD. Maybe I can see if my local library has it and rent it first.
I have "Prenatal Yoga with Christine Anderson" (I think that's her name?) She has pink hair on the cover and in the video. I'll be honest, I've been too lazy or tired to do the whole thing so far, but I like what I've seen pretty well.
I'm just starting to see a smidge of energy. Not the fireball type of energy I had with my first at this point but really want to stay loose and limber. I sit at a desk all day for work and really feel tight.
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