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Preparing DD for first Dental Appt

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I admit- I am not a dentist-lover.
When my 6yo dd showed me her sore tooth, I discovered that her adult teeth are coming in BEHIND her baby teeth on bottom, rather than pushing them out!
I guess this is not uncommon, because when I made her appointment they didn't seem fazed by this bit of information.
Now I am trying to figure out how to prepare dd for this appointment. I don't want to project any of my bias about it, but I feel that I should prepare her for the probability that they'll pull out some teeth.
Any suggestions about what I should tell her? How should I present it so that I don't frighten her?
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i personally wouldn't say much. just the basics. "we're going to the dentist to have them look at your teeth". chances are they won't perform any treatment at the exam appointment. many times these teeth can be wiggled out by the patient if they are willing (over a period of time). in my experience parents tend to project their fears onto their children wether they mean to or not, so i would be careful what you say. HTH
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