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preschool advice?

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I have 2 children, ages 3 years and 4 months respectively. I feel my older child would benefit from a few hours of preschool during the week, especially as our previous playgroups have all dissappated and she really craves group interaction and activity and so much more. I could also use some time to run errands or just focus on the younger child. I have 2 options for preschool starting in the Fall-

School A only does 5 half days (3 hours a day). I love their philosophy, their thoughtful approach to children. the teachers actually sit on the floor with kids and there is also time carved out for regular one-on-one interaction with the head teacher and each child during the week. I know they will handle the transition to a school setting sensitively and individually. My child will also have kids she already knows in the class. I will also be guaranteed a pre-k spot at the school, which means I'll then have mornings with the younger child during the 2008/9 school year.

School B I can do 3 half days a week. My impression of the school was that is was a place where kids could be kids and it was very laid back. It is, however, rather mainstream in its approach - crafting, holidays (along with sugar), alphabet and all that. The advantages are schedule (still have full days lazy or active as the whim and mood takes us) and location (near places I can run errands or take younger child to the park or go exercise, etc).

Any thoughts? I'm torn. It feels so crazy to have to make a decision now and hard for me to imagine how things will be 6 months down the road.
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I think school A might be a better choice simply because if you wanted a full lazy day you could just stay home, ya know? I doube many preschools are strict about attendance (but have never had a child in one). A better location would be nice, but perhaps you will meet other moms from school A in your situation and could go walking or play with them close by.
It sounds like you really like A. Remember its preschool if you dont want to send your child on any given day keep them home even if its every friday ( for example). Right now Nathan does 2 mornings and next year will do 3 but the year before kindergarten he will do 5 mornings. Our kindergarten is full day here and I want him to get used to going every day.
I think you really need to think about what is best for your child overall. Sometimes mainstream is better for the child involved. I started my son in daycare a few months ago for the interaction. We just moved here and there is nothing to do. I've had little time to meet people, much less find playdates and the only place to go is the local library. I know that he eats sugar there but that is going to happen eventually anyway. Better to let him go there, eat it and come home and eat what he eats here. I know they aren't forcing it down his throat, he may have cookies for a snak or something like that.

I believe there are simply some mainstream things everyone needs to deal with. I mean, if you are considering pre-school at all it means you aren't homeschooling.

As for carved out time with each student - yeah, right. What if your toddler isn't in the mood that day? They have pre-school just about every day at day care. DS comes home with papers he is so proud of and new words and things he colored. I think it's his favorite part of the day sometimes! But, sometimes he doesn't bring papers home. Sometimes they are having too much fun doing other things or a bunch of toddlers just aren't interested. I have to admit I didn't like spending 15 bucks on stupid valentines for kids who can't read them but that's part of life too.

I was recently considering changing programs and another program sounded so great when I was talking with the teacher and thier advertisements sounded so great. DH and I went there and were totally turned off.

Kids will make new friends easily for the most part.

Basically, you never know until you try. It may be easier to go to some place closer to start. Just because you won't be "guaranteed a place" in the pre-school doesn't mean there won't be one open at that time anyway.
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