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My daughter is 4. I started thinking her speech really wanst very good for a 4 yo. I wasnt sure though, until my LLL leader said she thought she was a bit behind. She told me about the preschool program for develop. delayed kids thru the school district. Its free if needed.
So I took Camille in for a screening. She is developmentally on track, they were actually really impressed with her motor skills, and the things she knew, but her speech was pretty bad they said.
They will be doing another language screening in a few weeks and then decide from there what would be beneficial to her. But the lady i talked to said Headstart might be a better choice for her, since she would be around"normal" kids, not kids who are delayed. That she would learn better from just being with other normal kids.

But i dont know if preschool is a good idea for her. I had heard of headstart and that it is mostly a daycare for low income people. I dont want to have worse problems by being exposed to who knows what.

Is is going to be a huge problem for her to have speech problems when she goes to K next year(fall 07)? She will be going to a very good charter school. I already had to pull my son out of the public school and homeschool for a year until he got into this school....
I dont know what would be best for her.

Any experience with headstart? I have an appt the end of the month to apply for this fall in case I decide to go that route.

ETA - we dont have any friends, so my daughter doesnt get to spend time with other kids. I had her in a gymanastic class last month, but she was a bit shy. We dont socialize at all, so maybe this is contributing to her problem? She does have an older brother and they spend alot of time together and he reads to her alot...
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Sounds like you are going through a rough time figuring this out. Head Start is a federal program serving children from families with certain low income guidelines, that is true. It is not just a preschool program, but tries to help families with health, education, and overall family well being. There is usually a home visiting component (the frequency varies by particular program you sign up for). Some would say that by virtue of the lower income guidelines that the children in the program might be coming from families facing more stresses, but this is not universally true. HOwever it could be. I am also wondering if the first program you are considering (the one for delays) also takes some children that are developing typically. Around here the early intervention program takes a mixture of children in order to avoid 'clumping' only those who have remedial needs. It might help to double check that. The level of training of the staff in the programs for children with delays is usually quite high and this can be a good thing.

Also, are these the only two alternatives, or are there others to consider? Can she receive speech services and still attend a preschool of your choosing (a co-op, non-profit, church based, etc.)
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Delayed? Firs tof all, there is nothing worng about bein around disabled kids....your kids might leanr something important. like how not to judje people by labels scuh as "poor", "delyed" or head starts". Yes, she migh learn god know what...
Secodnly, not all kids with speech problme are delayed. For many gifted boys it is acutally the opposite
My son did not relaly speka till age 3. He ahs speech therapy fomr age 4-9. He read on the 12th grade level (he si in 4th grade). he is in gifted progrma and no loger has speech problme
Alos, if you want to avoid exposure to kids who are diffrent, there are alway private speech therapy center. Their fees are not bad ($300 for evala nd $50 an hour for treatment)
If my choice of words was offensive, I apologize for that. However, it was the preschool teacher herself, who said it might be better for her to be in a diferent program than around the "delayed kids". HER words.
Poor? whats offensive about using the word poor?? I am poor!!

Maybe I just dont know the proper terms or something but in no way was I being judgemental. I was using the words the preschool teacher herself used. Geez, didnt mean to get people all huffy.

All I was doing was looking for some input on these types of programs, that I have no experience with. Just wanting to do whats best for my daughter.

the teacher told me the preschool program is only for children with special needs, so I dont know how mixed the class would be.
I cant afford to pay for preschool, which is why I am looking into these free options. Thanks for your input.
Alenushka, it is true that there is nothing wrong with 'being around disabled kids' but for some delays this is not what you want. I don't think the OP was being disrespectful. Sometimes when it seems someone is using labels, it is because they are repeating what someone else said, not their own words.

Go easy!

Angie, I have spent a lot of time in Head Start classrooms in my area. Different classrooms can be vastly different depending on the particular mix of children, the skill level of the teacher, the environment (where the classroom is located), etc. I would suggest going and doing an observation in the classroom your child would be placed in, and with the teacher she would be with. I think you will know whether it is a good fit for you/her.

Also, just as an aside, I know preschool can be expensive! I have never used one but I think with co-op preschools, the cost is much, much less, but everyone volunteers in the classroom or doing other tasks a certain # of hours per month (which is why they cost less; cuts down on staffing costs.)

There are also lots of old threads on the general of subject of whether preschool is a necessity/good idea, etc. on this forum. If you search preschool a bunch of them should show. If you're having trouble finding them, let me know. People have varied opinions on that. Mine is that preschool can be a really good thing, but that if a child is in a rich home environment it is certainly not essential.

Also, with your dd, is her speech articulation the problem (how she says the words), or is it more of a speech and language issue around communication or lack of? (in other words, does she use good eye contact, do you feel like you are relating when you speak together, etc.)

Just so you know, there is an MDC subforum of Parenting Issues called Parenting w/ Special Needs that you might also want to check out.
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