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Preschool teaching books and slings...

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I'm trying to raise money to place an add on the BW frontpage. So I'll try here first. lol.

I was a preschool teacher for over 5 years and then a daycare director. I have a TON of preschool and some kindergarden teachers books for activities, lesson plans ect. Almost all are in excelent condition and the rest are still very usable but were "loved". I'll post titles ect if there is interest.
Ok here are the books, I only photo copied pages from them to preserve them, if anything my name is on the cover or in the cover on some of them:
(LN) = Like new, little to no wear
(Good) = some wear, still excellent books, example would be creased cover
(used) = Used condition but still lots of life left

(LN)My Happy preschool workbook $4 (origionally $8)
(LN)Early themes, 5 senses, weather, colors (3 books) k-1, this set includes 3 Posters - $12
(LN)Early themes, 5 senses, weather, colors (3 books) k-1, without posters - $9
(LN)Preschool lowercase alphabet workbook - $2
(LN)Preschool uppercase alphabet workbook - $2
(LN)175 Easy-to-do Everday crafts - $2
(Good)Holiday Patterns (HUGE book of photocopiable patterns to use with projects) - $5
(LN/good))Great Big Holiday Celebrations (activites for celebrating holidays) - $5
(Good)Special day Celebrations (mini celebrations like Heart day,pet day, mothers day ect) - $5
(LN)Storytime activities to help children cope. (HUGE book, moves, death, divorce ect) - $10
(Good)Storytime activities to help children cope. (like above) - $6
(LN)Kindergarten Teacher's Month-by-month Activities program HUGE book. $10
(Used)Early learning bulletin boards, origionally a library book - $2
(Used)Lets Draw - .50
(Good)Move over Mother goose, Finger plays, Action verses ect. - $5
(LN with some highlighting) The Whole child text book and student guide (2 books) on child development - $20 (1 book new is $70!)
(Used)Teaching with Flannel Board (originally a library book) - $2
(Good)Itching for ideas, lots of ideas and activities. - $10
(Used)Storytime- early learning activities (originally a library book) - $2
(Used)Mother goose Favorites, story teling accompianment - $2
(Good)Once apon a Felt Board - $4
(Good)The American Sign Language Handshape Dictionary, Hardcover. - $20
The following books are all LN/Good, $4 a piece or $20 for set of 8, only missing December
September Patterns projects and Plans
October Pattens projects and Plans
November Patterns proects and plans
January Patterns, projects and plans
Februrary Patterns projects and plans
March Patterns projects and plans
April patterns projects and plans
May patterns projects and plans
(this last series is my favorite that I got years ago)

If you want more than one book make me an offer.

I also have a bunch of slings I havent used in awhile and can clear out of my stash.

I have 1 X-long lightweight Cotton off white wrap with red edgeing and red rickrack at the ends. Good summer wrap. $15 and S/H

3 size medium pouches. These are actually new I just never used them. Fit shoulder to op hip of 26-27 inches. $20 and s/h

1 Rainbow Podeagi, Its a multi colored batik podeagi. Extra large body to cover my bottom. LOL. For obvious reasons. Opposite side is marroon. Has one flaw on one of the straps but not really noticeable. I loved this one but havent used it in awhile. Awesome condition. $30 and s/h

I may have more once I finish going through the rest of them I have. Accepting Paypal only please. Thanks.
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How much do you want for the books?? I'm interested in most (if not all) of them!
Sorry I should have listed prices huh? lol. I'll go through and post prices next to each, I could go with a lower price for someone that wants alot of them I suppose too.
Update to come soon....
Update: Green pouch sold. I have pictures available now of the Books.
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