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We're just starting homeschool preschool, so don't have any answers from deep experience, just with the ideas that we've been thinking about and organizational stuff.
I don't think kids this young need school. But still I've created a preschool program for this year, for DS and a couple of his friends, instead of just hosting playdates. DS is 33/4, one friend is 4, and the other is 31/2. 4yo Mom is worried her DD won't be ready for kindergarten, socially (not used to kids her own age except one on one). Other kid's Mom is worried he won't be ready academically for kindergarten in 2 years, since he doesn't know letters/numbers, and the choices of pks in our town is dismal at best. DS has been begging to go to PK for over a year, so we decided to start our own little one with these other kids.
Part social, part academic (we'll learn letters, numbers, colors, songs, poems, yoga, dance, nature science, health, art). Mostly (for our family) we'll be doing the same projects and topics I had planned on playing out with DS anyway, but we'll also be learning about routines and cooperation. We're not sure whether DS will go to K or not, probably not, but it seems nice to have a few scheduled times- then the rest of the time we just do whatever our interst is sparked by. Which oddly often involves DS drawing "electric city maps" and finger tracing wiring diagrams in the DIY wiring book from 1948 that he found in the basement, or else looking at the city bus booklet and then drawing bus route maps! Could he be a future engineer?
We have PK three days a week, for three hours. Opening circle (song, poem, movement), story and letter study (collage, physical study of the letter, poem/fingerplay), yoga or music&movement, health, snack and play, art, math (the number of the week) or science, and closing circle (repeat song, poem, movement). That is our schedule, more or less.
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