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Presence and absence of breast milk...

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Ds weaned, due to a number of circumstances and contributing factors, at around 13 months. He is now 21 months old and I still have milk! I don't have letdowns and I don't leak, per se, but there is still milk in my breasts! My nipples always feel slightly damp and when wipe at them, or ds tugs on them (which he does WHENEVER they are visible to him
), a few drops or a short squirt will come out. Sometimes it's orangey and sometimes it's creamy or watery. TMI, I'm sure

So, my question is: *Is* this normal? Will it always be like this or will I eventually completely dry up?


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I've heard of this happening and yes it's normal, but eventually will dry up.
Thanks lauraess. So then, it happens to some women and not to others?
My understanding is that it is just as The differences in how our milk flows or leaks and how some of us have an over-abundance and others less. we are all the same yet different in different ways. and, afterall, it's so affected by hormones that one never knows what will happen when it comes to
Ah, the hormonal ebb and flow
. Thanks for your responses!!
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