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Preserve Diabetes Health Coverage

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From the website of the American Diabetes Association:

"With your help, we have passed laws requiring insurers to cover diabetes education, equipment, and supplies in small business health policies in 46 states. To date, you have helped protect those 46 state laws from being rolled back by opposing misguided bills in your state legislature or by opposing AHP legislation in Congress.

Without question, these 46 state laws face their gravest threat yet from a bill in the US Senate.

S. 1955, also known as the Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization and Affordability Act, would not only allow the creation of AHPs that can skirt the 46 state laws for small business health plans, it would also allow all state-regulated health insurance policies to bypass those laws. This means that in addition to small business health plans, all state-regulated health insurance -- like individual policies, for example -- would also lose their guarantee of required coverage of lifesaving diabetes items.

Supporters of this bill believe they are helping more Americans get health insurance coverage. However, coverage under these policies either covers diabetes needs inadequately or prices them out of reach of many Americans if it covers those needs at all. In short, S. 1955 will be devastating for millions of people with diabetes across the country.

Contact your Senators today to oppose S. 1955 and preserve state diabetes coverage laws!"

Please go here to support continuing coverage:
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