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Let’s face it moms. This momming gig is the most rewarding thing going, but it’s also tough. You take on the world for your children and your family and you run it like a champ. But, as we do, we tend to put our health and wellbeing and even our happiness sometimes on the backburner. We don’t have to, though, and there are ways to take a minute for ourselves and just press pause. In fact, one way you can take care of yourself while you’re conquering the world is to use CBD products from Press Pause, a company made by moms for moms.

It’s hard to put our entire hearts and souls into our kids and our families, and then have time to take care of ourselves, isn’t it? In fact, sometimes, it seems impossible to do so. We try to do it all, because it all needs to be done (and we’re thankful to do it) but…it leaves us feeling stressed, anxious, underappreciated and overall unhealthy.

That’s why we need to be purposeful and press pause for ourselves. In fact, we need to give ourselves the permission to press pause and take care of US so we can continue taking care of the world. Enter Press Pause CBD.

CBD and Motherhood: More Presence In The Moments

What IS CBD, you ask? It’s a common compound that is found in Cannabis. While the more ‘commonly’ known compound is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it’s very different from CBD. CBD is non-addictive and non-psychoactive and is often used to help manage anxiety, pain, insomnia and more. The World Health Organization claims that Cannabidiol shows no evidence-based associated health problems. A study done in 2019 found that the top five reasons women take CBD are to reduce anxiety, bring on pain relief, relax, improve sleep, and improve sleep help their moods be more stable. Of the nearly thousand women surveyed, over 54% found it helpful in reducing anxiety and over 47% found it helpful in increasing their relaxation.

Reduced anxiety and increased relaxation? Is that even possible for moms? Turns out, it is. Another study found that CBD could be considered long-term help to reduce anxiety in moms and improve sleep endurance.

Moms who rely on CBD do so to be more present, less stressed, less tired and more themselves.

Press Pause: Wellness For Moms From Moms

Dawn Fable is a mom of three and the founder of Press Pause. As a working mom and wife, she struggled with stress and generalized anxiety. For over 10 years, she didn’t feel like she was fully present anywhere—her career, relationships, or precious family. So, in 2018, she set out on a mission that incorporated a daily CBD routine in her life. She immediately noticed the difference, which motivated her to create Press Pause, a CBD brand created by women specifically for women. She wanted to create a product that would help all women and mamas navigate our hectic but crazy beautiful lives.

Moreover, she wanted to create a company that would help increase awareness of moms' very real struggles and educate women on the many healing benefits CBD offers. She wanted it to be a company that was created by mamas who try to do it all for mamas who try to do it all, and one that would permit them to Press Pause and bring some self-care into their lives.

Press Pause knows that life is filled with lots of imperfect moments—small, beautiful disasters but not enough moments that are spent just being present. Press Pause formulated a quality, safe and effective CBD line just for women who are doing it all because they knew firsthand how that felt. It’s their mission to increase awareness and education and help each of us give one another the permission to Press Pause. There’s a tremendous amount of stigma when it comes to CBD use, particularly for moms. Press Pause is created by moms who have been there and done that—and their experiences with CBD have changed them for the better. They believe it’s time to stop whispering about anxiety and mental health as moms. It’s okay to be real and raw and when we are, we can uplift and support one another.

All the hemp used in their products is grown by them on three farms in Colorado—so local community contribution is important. It’s ethically and sustainably sourced, and focuses on being good for the earth and the people who live on it. Mostly it looks to bring peace and permission to moms who are gracefully (even if frantically) running their whole worlds.

Moms don’t have to have health, wellbeing and happiness be an afterthought. With Press Pause CBD, you can still conquer life and care for yourself too!

Press Pause CBD: Take A Minute For Yourself!

The women behind Press Pause know that we’re trying to balance our children, our careers and our relationships and sometimes, that just gets to be overwhelming. They know this because they deal with life too.

That’s why in each of their products, they were mindful to formulate with women like US in mind—those of us who may be disproportionately impacted by stress, anxiety, tension and sleep disruptions.

Each of the Press Pause products are the perfect ratio of quality ingredients and CBD and are safe and effective—allowing us to go through our daily lives without skipping a beat!

The Press Pause Soothe & Settle Bundle is the PERFECT way to Press Pause and care for yourself. The bundle includes the Pause CBD Healing Balm, a Pause CBD Bath Bomb and Pause Chai CBD Tea (a 10 pack).

Each of these individually bring you a relaxing and peaceful experience. Used together, they work synergistically to interact with both your internal and external cannabinoid receptors for positive results. Make yourself a cup of Chai CBD tea, put yourself in a tub with a Pause CBD bath bomb and then use the Healing CBD Balm to soothe yourself at the end of one of those days.

A lot of moms really love the Press Pause Full Spectrum CBD tincture as its prime for anxiety relief. It meets the highest standards in cannabinoids and has 500 mg of Full Spectrum CBD and terpenes. You can customize a dosage that’s perfect for your body (it’s suggested to start with 3-5 drips each day) and this tincture can help with anxiety, sleep issues and internal inflammation that can lead to a whole host of other issues.

The folks at Press Pause believe so wholly in helping mamas out and getting the word about CBD into normal mom talk, they’re offering an amazing discount code to try. Simply use MOTHERING40 at checkout, and you’ll get 40% off all orders over $50! It’s a great opportunity to give yourself the freedom to Press Pause and be present in your beautiful life!