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Preteething at only 10 weeks?

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Can this be? For the past few days, my DS has been drooling constantly, sucking on his hands and running his tongue around in his mouth (across the gums and lips). These are all new behaviors. Dr. Sears lists them as preteething behaviors, but only starting at 4 months at the earliest. My DS is only 10 weeks old!

What do you think?
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Yes, your ds is probly preteething, although this doesnt mean he will get teeth early. My dd started preteething at about 11 weeks and at 5 months is still teething with no teeth yet. At 3 months she had two teeth poke out and then go back in though.
Melixxa~ ds started the same behavior around 2 mos. No one believed me till they saw him slobbering and tring to gnaw on his fists all day. No teeth yet...I think they are going up and down because he'll be fussy/drooley for two weeks and the stop for 2 weeks and then start again.

I called Davis "burrito baby" when he was born bc he looked like one all swaddled up. I'm ic CO also!!! How neat!
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Well, I guess it's true, then. He's also been fussy "for no real reason" (that I can discern, that is) - and DS has not till now been much of a crier or fusser. I.e. it has always turned out that there's a good reason for it - hungry, wet or tired. So I suspect that now his gums are sore and that's the reason.

All the ways listed in The Baby Book to alleviate the pain are geared to older babies - popsicle, etc. What did those of you with younger ones do, if anything? Did the pain get very bad?

CeraMae, yes! He looked just like a burrito, and though we now have a huge repertoire of nicknames for him, Burrito has always been my favorite.
At 10-12 weeks, babies' salivary glands start working... hence all the drool. Jackson started drooling like crazy at 12 weeks, but he's 6 months old and still no sign of teeth.

If he's fussy and you think its from teething, put a wet washcloth in the freezer for a few minutes then let him suck on it. I'm personally not opposed to some Tylenol if the pain gets really bad, but not everyone will feel the same way about that
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i second the washcloth. I dip minr in cammomile tea b4 freezing :)
My son got 2 teeth at 2.5 mos. My other son got 2 at 3 mos.

Ask your moms when you and dh got yours.

Chamomile works well-you can get the liquid homeo. from a ND.

Well, on the bright side, my 10 mos. old is now done w/ALL of his teeth. Maybe you'll get it over w/soon, too.
I melt icecubes down half way and put them in a washcloth, tie a rubberband around it-dd loves that. You can also freeze little bagels for him to naw on, just be careful, they only stay really frozen for about 20 minutes. you can rub on his gums, and ofcourse nurse,nurse,nurse!!
Ds started teething at around 8 wks and had his first tooth about a month later. At 8 mos now he's working on teeth #9 & 10!

I remember how frustrating it was when he was little because he couldn't really hold onto something himself and gnaw on it. Even when I held a teething ring, he didn't seem to really know what to do with it. I did use the face cloth in the freezer and it seemed to work sometimes. But most of the time I found that the best thing was to let him use my finger as a teether.

Oh I also used homeopathic teething drops which seemed to help as well.

~hugs to the little guy
My baby girl started drooling at 8 weeks and didn't cut her first tooth until 8 months, and her next 3 until 9 1/2 mo.
Aha! So that's why DD is drooling! She just started - she's six and a half weeks.

I've never heard of pre-teething, but she's doing everything you ladies are talking about. Interesting...
My dd also started around 10 weeks old, I even remember that I saw a white spot in her gums just after birth. Now she is 5 months old and drulling like crazy but hasn't cut yet.
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