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preterm labor

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My daughter's babysitter is now in the hospital for the second time with preterm labor. She's 23 weeks. The neonatalogist said that the ultrasound showed a high level of amneotic (sp) fluid & that is causing contractions. She also had a bleeding episode last week. This time she got the high doses of magnesium, steriods and antibiotics. Poor thing. Anyone know about this type of situation?

Makes my discomfort seem trivial....
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I'm in my hospital bed with the exact situation as we "speak". d#1 was born at 29 weeks. So far, with lots of interventions, I'm at 301/2 weeks this time.

It's a hard road.....

I can only image being put on bedrest. I'm sure the goal of a healthy baby keeps you going. Prayers with you.
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Poor thing, I feel forher!!

You could refer her to They provide support either online or via phone for moms with high risk pgs--especially thoseon bedrest. It helped immensely when I was pregnant with my son--so much so that I am a volunteer now. (Well, they "retire" ya when you're pg, but after I deliver, I can start up again.)
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