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Hi Writermama12,
Good luck to you! Sounds like you are doing everything you can. I'm 5-6 weeks pregnant right now and have had cramping and some bleeding. I had a blood test yesterday and will repeat it tomorrow to confirm pregnancy and make sure HGC levels are going in the right direction.

My overall philosophy is that if I miscarry, then it was because the pregnancy wouldn't have been good for me or baby. It's the natural way of my body saying "This isn't the one." Of course that is much easier said than felt, especially if someone has struggled several times staying pregnant.

I'm drinking lots of water, remembering to breathe, taking prenatal vitamins, drinking grapefruit juice every morning, and kefir in the afternoons to promote health.

I'm 37 yrs old and have a 5 1/2 yr old son. I started taking SSRI's after several traumatic events and extreme insomnia about a year and a half ago. I am currently almost weaned off of them, and trying to stay calm (ha!). I'm off caffeine (only had a tiny amount before anyway), and I've stopped drinking alcohol. I don't eat beef or pork. And the thought of shellfish right now makes me want to hurl.

I'm not familiar with the link between the supplements you are taking and healthy pregnancy. Have you taken them before? Does it feel right to you? If so, then go for it! I'd love to hear more about how you decided to take them.

Hi all, I would love to chat about what steps you are taking to prevent the likelihood of miscarriage. I will do just about anything.

I am taking loads of supplements, like the ones I was taking before pregnancy, and drinking a strong herbal infusion daily of red clover, RRL, Nettle, holy basil teas.

If you are curious or have feedback on my supps I would love to hear it. I am taking vitex 800 mg, B6 50 mg, progest cream, methylfolate 1000mcg, NAC, zinc, mag glycinate and malate, b complex, fish oil, only 500-1000 mg vut c, and PABA. I recently stopped taking ubiquinol unsure of its safety.

What are you taking? What did you stop taking if anything?
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