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Ok, yesterday I saw exactly what I don't want my dd to be when she's older.

I hope she never refuses food at another family's house saying "That's yucky!" or "We don't eat that!" or, after everyone has said something is good "Well, I didn't like it!" This was a case of children wanting junk instead of healthy food, but even if my dd is offered something less-than-healthy, I want her to politely refuse or take a few bites and put if down (which is what she does).

I hope she never talks back to an adult, saying things like "You're not my mommy!"

I hope she never pushes a smaller child and rubs dirts in her mouth! (happened to my dd)

Etc., etc. etc.

Basically I want my child to be empathetic and respectful. So far she is (we model it a lot at home). She has no clue about talking back, and she doesn't even know the word yucky. But how can I avoid this. It may be unreasonable for me to even think that she would be like this, but these kids scared me! Does anyone have any phrases that I can repeat to her now and then? Like, "When we are at other people's homes we should be grateful for the food they offer." I mean, I guess that's good enough, right? But how about teaching her to respect other adults. That could be difficult because many of the adults she runs into may not respect her. Any tips? Thanks!
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