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Prices reduced: slings, pouches, dready wraps, advo & fun t's fsot

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Click on the album that says MDC TP.

Maya wrap ring sling: one size large, fabric no. 51, has a pocket. This was dh's and I ended up using it more than him b/c I liked the extra tail length for NIP. It was gently used maybe 10-15 times. $25ppd

Maya wrap ring sling: size small. I bought this used and used it a few times myself. I couldn't find the fabric on the site, but it is a purpley guat print. $15ppd

I only have one instruction video (vhs) so first come, first served.

New Native pouch, size large, OC dyed in light blue. I just traded for this for my dh and he doesn't want it. We've never used it and the mama I traded it from said she used it a handful of times. $35ppd

2 white size 6 month advocacy t's, one for babywearing and one for bf'ing.

1 size 12 month (runs a bit small) light blue granola thread embroidered cd advo t-stain in pic sunned out. $10ppd for all 3 shirts

2 size 12 month long sleeve cottonpickincreations dyed shirts. One has peace and was a second due to stains on cuffs. Other was first quality and has a cool sun. $5ppd for peace, $6ppd for sun

one pair of longies, approx size med (18" rise and 8" inseam). I got these off a mama here and I don't think she used them either-we both got them too small, haha. $18ppd (I saw these on ebay for $35; they are BJM longies).

3 peyote stitch beaded dready wraps. These were purchased (not made) by me at different phish shows over the years. I'll tell ya the shows if you wanna know.
$10ppd each

1 hand blown glass hair bead/"wrap". This was made by a dude in CO who either blows glass with jerome baker or just knows him. I don't remember the deal. Anyway, $15ppd.

1 unopened, brand new bottle of 2 oz citronella eo. I accidentally bought 2 bottles. It is still in the bubble wrap from where I bought it. $10ppd

I take all forms of payment, but least prefer cc paypal b/c of the fees. I will trade for:

*gn or boyish knitted wool pants, aka longies in approx size large (must have 20" rise or higher).
*tie dye, advo, fun t's (boyish or gn) size 3T or 4T (or that generic 2-4 size)
*size large firefly sleeptight diapers
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pics added
except the camera kept dying so pics aren't that good and the large maya (I just realized) didn't copy over. d'oh!
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2 white size 6 month advocacy t's, one for babywearing and one for bf'ing. $4ppd eaach or take both for $7ppd I'd like both of these if you still have them. PLease pm me your pp addy! Thanks!
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Your pm box is full.

Addy for funded paypal is: [email protected]

I'm already back from PO today, but will go again tomorrow am.
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