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Primitive pottery

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We have a nice clay bank outside the kitchen. The other day, when dd was sick, I got her some clay & we made a simple coil pot. When it dried, she managed to break it. So, as an experiment, I threw one of the broken pieces in the embers of the fire. Well it fired. It went a beautiful mix of terracotta & golden clay. I was very impressed. We've made another pot & she has also made some animals. I am going to let them dry & then try firing them.

Does anyone know any simple glazing recipes we could use at home ? Anyone tried this type of potting before ?
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Hi! DH pots and I just read him your little message. He says that to the best of his knowledge, almost all glazes would need a higher temperature than what you get with embers to set them. With ember firing, your pots and critters will hold together well, but can still be saturated with water so they're not good for eating and cooking with. However, just think of what you can do with paint! And you could make gazillions of beads and little containers.
When I was a kid, we had large deposits of local blue clay. We spent hours and hours painting ourselves with it.

Raku glazes would probably work, but your pots still need to be bisque fired first. You might want to do a search on raku glazes. One thing you might want to try and might be fun for your dd is to wrap seaweeds, banana peels and what not (I don't remember exactly what I used) and wrap it tight around the pot and then fire it. This might add different colors to the pot (but its of course not a glaze). Good luck!
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