Prince William is breaking gender stereotypes as he advocates against bullying, telling the world George loves ballet
The Duke of Cambridge Prince William is widely known as an anti-bullying advocate, and recently broke traditional gender stereotypes telling British teens that they should always continue to do what they love.

We love the newest generation of the Royal family in Great Britain, and how they work to use their popularity for causes that matter. Prince William, his brother Prince Harry and wife Kate Middleton regularly advocate for causes like better mental health, wounded warriors and anti-bullying efforts.

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Recently, the pair hosted a reception for the BBC Radio 1 Teen Heroes award at Kensington Palace. They were able to share with some heroic teens that doing what they loved was important, and William shared a personal story about his beloved mother and adorable son that encouraged the teen to keep doing what he was doing.


Junior Frood is a 14-year-old UK Freestyle Street Dance Champion who, along with the other recipients, was recognized for his outstanding dedication in helping others. When the Duke and Duchess spoke with Frood, they giggled about William's lack of dance moves, but then shared a very poignant message about how people should always do what they love, regardless of stereotypes.


William told Frood that their son George took dance lessons, and loved it. He went on to tell Frood, who created the anti-bullying social media campaign #BoysCanDance to fight the stereotype that dancing is a 'girls' activity'that his mother used to dance and loved it as well. William intimately shared with Foord that if dancing was something he loved, he should keep doing it, and not let anyone else tell him not to.

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We love seeing that this new generation of the Royal Family models against archaic stereotypes like only girls take ballet, and we love that they are encouraging their children to do what they love also. William and Kate are showing a whole new generation of the world what it looks like to follow a passion and not worry about gender stereotypes, but more, why one should not be bullied for doing so.

Photo: KensingtonRoyal/Instagram