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Pro-BF/Lactivism Blinkies? Looking for one in particular...

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I remember I saw it awhile back, and I'd love to borrow it for one of my siggies. I believe it says something like, "Breastfeeding may not be the right choice for every mother, but it's right for every baby." or something like that?

If anyone knows where I can find it, let me know.

Or if you have other good websites for pro-BF/lactivism blinkies, that would be great too!

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Thanks, Sun Flower Mommy!!
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Originally Posted by lunasmommy
how do ya put those in your sig?
MDC doesn't allow images like blinkies in your siggy, but MANY other messageboards do. Usually you have to 'code' it into your signiture. If it's in a photobucket account, you can usually just C&P the code beneath the image right into your signature.


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I love that her son is only 5 months old, but she already has blinkies until age 3.
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find one of my old posts at you-know-where

you may snag any of them that you want
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