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Probably a crazy question

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but I thought I'd ask anyway!

My 3 yr old loves Mulan and has been asking for a Mulan outfit. Of course Disney seems to have discontinued it and it's going for a ton of money on ebay. Disney does still have a few but not in her size.
So I have begun to look for Asian/Chinese pj's. Has anyone seen them in any stores on Cape? I have no idea where to begin. I know there was a store in P-town but I can't remember their name and doubt they're open this time of year.
So if you know of anywhere on Cape or even in Plymouth I'd appreciate it if you could let me know! Thanks!
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I have a blue and gold asian outfit if you're interested. Ds wore it once (they said it can be for a girl or boy).
Pearl River in NYC has a pretty extensive on-line shop with tons of great stuff.
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