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probably tmi - discharge

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i have, for a few days now been having so much dischargeit feels like i am having little 'accidents'
: but i have smelled it and it is definitely discharge.

i have to wear a panty liner or i feel soaking.

i am losing loads of hair every time i wash it and i think i am putting weight on

any ideas - i am so sure i cant be pregnant....

we used no contraception since ttc dc 1 it took 20 months to conceive dc 2 and 27 months for dc 3, whats going on do you think?
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I can relate to the losing hair part. My hair is falling out in handfuls in the shower, too, and it's all over the house
I know it's a common thing to happen after giving birth, though, so I don't really mind.

I think I also put on a little weight after Simon was born. I was really hungry when he went through his growth spurt at 6 weeks. Since then I seem to be almost back to my pre-birth weight. Anyway, I'm sure the weight will be fluctuating for a while.

Maybe take a test if you're worried about it just to be sure either way?
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i probably ought to i just cant bring myself to spend all that money!!
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ive heard the dollar stores have preg. tests for like...a dollar!

and planned parenthood always provides free preg. tests. i foudn that out with ds1 when i was in college!
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am getting one tomorrow - if negative i am then getting contraception!!

wish me luck
its ok it was negative - though i am going to start thinking seriously about contraception - anyone else decided what to do?
dh is supposed to get fixed but he hasnt yet.
my ped told me there is a pill thats safe for bf'ing moms but i dont know about that yet.
apparantly with that pill you have to remember to take it at pretty much the same time every day - i would be pregnant withing 6 months of starting to ovulate i cant remember a thing
I've taken 2 pregnancy tests since Luka was born, since I've had 2 periods, but with a long time in between them (6 and 14 weeks PP). I remember the same thing happening when my first was a babe. I would just die if I got pregnant now!
For now, since the pregnancy scares, we are using condoms and/or withdrawal, but I have an appt. at Planned Parenthood to get an IUD. We definitely don't want another baby for a while (4-5 years, if ever). I am not good at taking pills (I can never finish a 10 day antibiotic in less than 2 weeks!), and condoms are expensive and my partner doesn't like them. I would prefer to get the hormone free Paragard IUD (which lasts up to 12 yrs!) but since I have VERY heavy periods, I need the Mirena which only lasts 5 yrs. and has a small amount of hormones in it to reduce bleeding and cramping.
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