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Probiotics question?

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I am looking for it online and there is so many different things. Whats the best doseage? Also, its okay for babies right? (12 months) What do you take and where do you get it? Right now the only food we get it in that I know of is plain yogurt so I wanted it in powder/tablet form.
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I love PB8 probiotics, get them from Vitamin Shoppe My m/w recomened this brand to me as both of my girls got a yeast infection shortly after birth.

I wouldnt know about doseage for a baby as I bf so the baby gets it from me.
i gave my son an ulimited hand into the jar of strawberry flavored tablets... I can't think of the name of vitamin...

I really don't think you can overdose. I always had a hard time giving anything but the sugar flavored tablets. DS LOVES them... thinks they're candy
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I am bf'ing too, didnt even think that he would get it from me! LOL
Wow, great link, thank you. It took me awhile to read but that is definately great information. So my son doesnt really need any supplementation because he is breastfed and under age 2, right? He does have eczema so maybe just a tad of supplementation (like in natural yogurt) is enough for him.

I am going to go look for the Natren Probiotics in the morning (for me and dh). The BioNate acidophilus NAS strain, Bifido Nate B. bifidum Malyoth strain, and the Digesta-Bac LB-51 strain of bulgaricus.

The homemade yogurt probiotic recipe looks great too.
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