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Probiotics with Antibiotics-help

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So I have a nasty case of mastitis that I am fighting and have to be on dicloxacillian (antibiotic) 500mg 4 times a day on an empty stomach. My breast feels much better and fever is gone. The problem now is that I have constant loose stools/diarrhea.

My Dh has some acidophilus and bifidus pills (wild oats brand 500 million cells) and directions say to take 1-3 pills daily, preferably before meals with a glass of water. So I took 2 at lunch time yesterday and didn't have D until this morning. Now I have gone several times again.

Do you think I should take 2 pills with every meal I eat since the D is so frequent and antibiotics so strong? Any recommendations/help for this problem??


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i read somewhere that one needs Billions of cells.... i'd suggest taking 3 pills with each meal. It is important to leave enough time between your dose of medication and your dose of probiotics - like 1-2 hours or so.
I'd get a stronger probiotic. Now Foods has a probiotic blend with 4 acidophilus and bifidus cultures containing 8 Billion bacteria per capsule. I have taken 3-4 of those a day before. 16 billion organisms per day is what is recommended. Nature's Sunshine has a Probiotic 11 which is supposed to be superior due to one or two organisms that are in 'cysts' that can survive your digestive juices and actually can make it to your intestines. Not all probiotics can survive your tummy and in severe cases some people have to get their probiotics in from the out door if you catch my drift.
Make sure you buy something that has been refridgerated and you keep it in the freezer to protect the viability of the organisms.

I am not sure how severe your mastitis is but I have never used antibiotics for mine. I had mastitis 2x with ds and I made him nurse in different positions to relieve the blocked ducts and I massaged and took hot showers with massage and it worked well for me. Though I have to say mastitis felt like the worst flu I have ever experienced, it is no fun at all.

I wanted to add that homeopathy is effective for mastitis, too, and for diarrhea and post antibiotic yuckies and yeasties. If the above recommedations don't work, you may want to try a homeopath and if you ever have mastitis in the future, you can take care of it without antibiotics.

I hope you feel better soon!
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I would specifically recommend that you take Culturelle probiotics and use them according to the package. They made a huge difference for my daughter compared to the other probiotics we were trying. Her pedi GI recommended them.
Culturelle is strong, 10 billion cells. However it only temporarily colonizes, it acts as an aid to the native bacteria in your gut. So it needs to be taken for a while to make sure the shift in your good bacteria is permanent.

24 hr. yogurt cultured at home contains 15 billion cells per teaspoon.
thanks so much for the replies. My poor belly and bum!! I am going to take DS for a walk to the health food store today or tomorrow and check out culturelle and other stuff there.. and yeah.. yogurt! I can eat that!

Thanks so much.. go probiotics!
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