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I need info and I don't have time to do a search. I'm sorry if this has been beaten to death.

DS has been prescribed amoxillian due to an abcess and root canal. What should I give him in terms of a probiotic and when and how much?

Thanks for any response. I will try to do a search later. Oh, any sites that give info would be appreciated also.

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What a wise mama! It is so important to give your child supplemental probiotics while taking antibiotics.

Here's a good choice:
Natren Infant Probiotic

This is from a well-known and well respected company.

Good luck!
I assume this is for your older son? This is one of my preferred selections:

This one is for kids under 2:

I prefer to take it first thing in the morning & last thing at night with a full glass of water.
I just bumped goodpapa's probiotics thread so you can review it at your leisure.

Thanks everybody. Yes, this is for my 3 yr old who is no longer nursing.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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