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Hello, my son is on antibiotics- which I will NEVER do again unless absolutley necessary, but we decided to finish up this round to make sure not to create any sort of antibiotic resistance, and then follow up with probiotic, which was the recommendation of an MDC member. Where do I get this stuff? How do I give it to my 10 month old son? What is the dosage guidelines? I need all the help I can get lol
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I would start a probiotic while he's on the antibiotics if you can. Just take the probiotic as many hours away from the antibiotic as possible. There are all kinds of probiotics, many of which are specifically intended for babies. I'd get a powder (or open the capsules if it comes in them) and sprinkle it into yoghurt, or if you don't do yoghurt yet then applesauce or expressed breastmilk or whatever he'll eat.

I've used Solgar ABCDophilus and had fine results for my ds when he was on abx, though the number of live bacteria is not so high so you need to use quite a bit (I think I doubled the recommended dose). Culturelle is also one I know is safe for babies (and has a large number of bacteria per capsule). Baby Jarrow is one a lot of people here seem to use.
I just came to ask about this. My son is on his first antibiotics, and it's giving him painful pooping issues (he's 25 mos). For the time being, is it better than nothing to offer him yogurt? He usually doesn't have it, but I don't have access to a HFS for at least another 2 days. Poor bunny is pooping just a little bit, but constantly, and it hurts. Wakes him up at night, etc...
Baby Jarrow contains the specific bacteria a baby has in his gut compared to adults who have different bacteria.
Just ordered some Baby Jarrow thanx to everyone for your informative replies!
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