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procrastinating! baby due in 4 weeks

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ack! I can't decide on what to buy. I don't wnat to spend much money. I can't sleep because of everything I need to do, and I don't have enough covers. Please help me decide on what and were.

no wool please - my son and I are allergic

I expect a large baby, and was thinking of not having many newborn covers. My son was 9.6 lbs

what I have

4 Dappi newborn
2 Dappi small
1 Bumpy small (11-17 lbs)
1 Bear Bottoms fleece small (10-18 lbs)

I also need some snappis (will be using mostly prefolds which I already have, along with 12 Kissaluvs which I don't believe will fit for very long.)

I went online tonight at 11 pm (should be sleeping!) determined to buy another fleece cover, and 50 minutes later. . . nothing. Ideally, I wanted Sugar Pease fleece in sea print. I just couldn't spend the money, especially when I add in shipping costs.

I used Bummis wrap with my son when he was older and liked them quite a bit, but don't like the idea of the thickness of it for a small baby.

where should I go and what should I get?
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I think you'll be ok on covers. I like more just in case, but you can get away with that amount.
If you dont want to spend alot, get a pack of the dappi pull ons. Those are cheap and work well.
you can get cheap nb covers/dipes on fsot on the pin and swappers.
thanks for your suggestions.

I just ordered 3 prowrap nb seconds, and 3 prowrap small seconds.
I feel like I have enough now. ($30 altogether including shipping).

I look forward to getting more special covers in size medium, when I know that she will be wearing them for a longer period of time.
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