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We are looking to add people to our team! Whether you're looking to supplement your current projects with some easy work, or want to dive in and make a full-time opportunity of it, we welcome you to inquire.

We need a minimum of 50 folks to work through September doing product selection audits. Our quota is 50,000 per day, so we need people who are dedicated to putting the time in, in order to succeed.

The project entails looking at 2 links: a search page with a keyword and a product page. Your job is to determine whether the product fits in the search page, according to the H1 (main keyword). You'll work in our tool, answer one question and for some items leave a customer comment (canned comment).

If you're interested in the project, please contact me at christinawtww at gmail dot com, you'll need to read our style guide and take a mini test to judge your understanding of the guidelines before taking a 50-item trial.

Most people can reasonably do 100-200 per hour. Pay is made per item and will be discussed after a passing test.

Payment is made twice a month via PayPal- on the 15th for all work completed through the 14th, and on the 30th/31st for all work completed by the 29th/30th.
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