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I'm so thrilled, Saturday my inlaws were staying and they helped us get a good start on our basement. We had basically boxes everywhere. A few weeks ago we got all the stuff from my uncle's estate out and over to my parents house (they have lots of storage), but it was still so overwhelming to even go down there.

Well, we got the shelving all set up on the laundry side, which is where I want all our storage to be either there or the garage, I want the other half to be completely clear so we can finish it, and at least the kids can ride their tricycles down there this winter. We didn't get quite that far, but we made a ton of progress! We cleaned out the laundry side, got the shelving in there, got all the christmas stuff i nthere, all the toys I know I want to keep but store in the basement, etc. We still have tons of boxes to go through, tons of stuff to get through, but now it feels like I can breathe in there.

I did take before pictures ages ago and I'm dying to get it finished so you can all ooh and aah over just how much we've accomplished. But I want to get it completely done first!
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