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progesterone injection for preterm labor

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Hi there,

I'm wondering if anyone has any information or experience with progesterone injections for ptl. My ds was born at 33 weeks and my doc. has said that he will start weekly progesterone injections in me at 16 weeks to prevent ptl from happening again.

I would love to hear anything anyone has to say about this.


Tara (I'm currently almost 10 weeks along).
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Hi there,

I am in the same situation as you are. My ds was born at 34 weeks. My regular OB has been really encouraging me to start on the progesterone shots. I saw a specialist and he seemed pretty neutral to the idea. He gave me an article to read... There is some good info and a lot of references to also check out. Of the research I've done I don't see any drawback to it. It's so hard to tell since it is a relatively new treatment. I see that this was posted about a month ago. Hope this helps anyways. Have you made a decision yet? Good Luck.
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