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Progesterone Numbers in Early Pregnancy

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My 12dpo progesterone level came back at 34. I can't seem to find a chart that indicates the normal levels of progesterone at 12dpo? I go back in for my second beta tomorrow (14dpo) to see if it doubled. (My first beta at 12dpo was only 28.3). Can anyone tell me about progesterone levels in early pregnancy?
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Progesterone levels will continue to rise during the first trimester, reaching a level somewhere between 9 and 47 ng/ml by the end of the first trimester. During the second trimester, progesterone levels will be in the 17 to 147 ng/ml range, and they will be between 55 and 200 ng/ml during the third trimester of pregnancy.
Most doctors prefer to see above 15

34 is a great number.
Thanks Mae! I was hoping you'd know. This is the same nurse that freaked me out yesterday, and she didn't sound "really happy" about that number KWIM? I thought if it was really that good she would have said something other than "let's hope that beta more than doubles tomorrow!" I'd like to smack her a good one. I have been a lot more positive about the whole thing today, and now not so much.
Shes just worried because she likely doesn't understand that a woman can get a bfp before 14dpo!
My progesterone was at 15 and then 16 a couple days later the first week of pregnancy, and I was using natural progesterone cream, but my OB wasn't concerned in the slightest. Baby has her butt lodged against the right side of my ribs now, which feels reallllly weird. 34 is awesome. Sounds like you've got nothing to worry about.
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Over 20 is good and you want it to be over 15. 34 is great!
That's a great number!

At 15dpo mine was 13 and at 17dpo it fell to 11.9 - they put my on progesterone supplements and now it's 34. The nurse said that's great.

31 is nothing to worry about!
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34 sounds great! I was at 7.3 at 21 DPO. Not so good. Once I got on pregoesterone, they jumped to 34 and everyone was thrilled.

Congrats on your pregnancy!
Thanks ladies!
I'm feeling good about the progesterone just waiting on my beta to come back from this AM...praying that it doubles...
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Great number! I just got my Progesterone level at 7dpo and it was a 56.94???? WOW! I did have 7 really mature eggs in there ( this is my third and last try on Chlomid). I am reading the charts for the levels and this is way off the chart? Is that good? Maybe multiples? I had 4 eggs on the side where I have a tube left. Anyone heard of a level so high? My first time on Chlomid it was a 22 in Jan. I am not on any progesterone medicines. Hmmmm I am hoping for GREAT news soon!
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