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Hi Sara,

My last three babies were progesterone babies. You didn't mention if you've had any miscarriages leading up to the doc's suggestion to try progesterone, but I'm going to assume that either you have had early loss(es) or testing indicated that your level was low.

My understanding is that it's safe to supplement when the level is low. Most docs will suggest that you supplement until 8 weeks, some suggest 10, but I request enough suppositories for 12 weeks (just makes me feel better). Everything I've read says that it's safe for mom and baby (although there is a concern about continuing past 12 weeks with a male fetus). Usually, by 8 weeks the placenta is making enough progesterone to sustain the pregnancy.

I'm only familiar with the vaginal suppositories, but I understand the progesterone now comes in a patch as well. Personally, I would go with the suppositories because it seems more "local" to me rather than systemic, but I can't really comment because I don't know.

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