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hey all,<br><br>
i've got a nearly 12-week old DD & she's breastfeeding like a champ. she starts daycare week after next (i came back to work/school part time last week), and takes a bottle just fine, pumping's going well, etc. all around, i'm pretty darn lucky with her being my first, but i feel like things are maybe just a little off with my supply. done some research & it seems as though as long as my calorie intake is high enough, things should be fine. my appetite is good (and perhaps even higher due to starting PoP two weeks ago....), but i had some hangups about PP weight....i think it's best to quit thinking about that and just eat when i'm hungry, yesno? i've also got a lopsided thing going on (i posted about this recently)---right boobie gives just about 1 oz and the left usually gives 3 or 4....DD feeds sporadically, but she's gaining weight just fine (as of her 2 month checkup)....she's sleeping 8-9 hours every night! (i'm TRYING to hear my alarm to get up and pump at least once.....lest i wake up in a puddle....) so i THINK things are fine, but i have that nagging feeling that i should be doing things differently....eating more/better? pumping more often? i pump every 3 hours at work, but at home she doesn't eat quite that often (and obviously, especially not at night). any advice, moms?<br><br>
thanks so much!<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Wink"><br>
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