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I'm quite pleased, and wanted to share. I had contacted the birth center at Progress West to ask a few questions, and I was SO PLEASED with the replies I got. They do all the newborn care in the room (including weighing and bathing), and there are no times the baby has to be in the nursery-last I knew of, at St. John's (where my other 2 were delivered) the babies had to spend a set amount of time in the nursery each day. She said the only reasons they ever take the babies from the mother's room is for circumcision (which wouldn't be an issue for us), if the pediatrician wanted to examine the baby in the nursery (ours always comes to the room), and if the mother requests it.

Home is still my ideal birth place, but since I'm more than likely going to have to go with a hospital birth, I'm happy to have found somewhere that I could at least feel comfortable with a hospital birth.
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