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I'm attempting to do this challenge, but it's proving to be a bit more of a challenge than I'd anticipated!! It's not because I can't weed things down to 33 items (which swimwear, workout clothes, pajamas, undies, and the jewelry you always wear do not count in this total)...but for two other reasons. One: I actually can't come up with 33 items of comfy, wearable stuff...and two: I want to have cute and varied outfits each day but since getting home on Tuesday I haven't been anywhere except the doctor's office and the grocery store...and I've been dealing with a sick asthmatic kiddo and morning sickness in the Texas it's been hard to even get a shower, much less put together something cute!!

Anyway, was just wondering if anyone else was doing this challenge and wanted to post here too... Here is the website about it and the Facebook group as well...

I'm hoping to actually take pictures of each and every item I have and post it to my Pinterest board for the project but this is what I have so far on my list. Funnily enough my list was picked out before I knew I was pregnant, but since everything is so comfy and stretchy and it's my first trimester, I should be fine.

1. DKNY jeans (stretch straight leg jeans that can be worn rolled up to capri or flood pant lengths)

2. Old Navy black jersey long skirt (comfy as pajama pants, but can totally be dressed up or down)

3. Metro 7 black jersey knee length skirt (I want to change up the handkerchief hemline if possible, but it totally works and is comfortable for at home mostly)

4. NY and Co. denim skort (UBER-comfy and cute...and awesome for hooping)

5. Marks and Spencer brown shorts (cute for out and about)

6. Arizona Jean Co. denim shorts (mostly for at home or hooping)

7. Blu Heaven aqua jersey dress (super comfy)

8. Cute Options olive cotton dress (cute for out and about)

9. Scarlett print dress (great for special Sunday services and date nights)

10. Mossimo white tank top

11. Mossimo blue-green tank top

12. Mossimo black tank top #1

13. Mossimo black tank top #2

14. P Inc. black top w/attached necklace (SOFT jersey and pretty's actually maternity, but can totally be worn when non-pregnant as well cause it's just a banded top)

15. Perseption turquoise top (another jersey soft banded top...but not maternity)

16. Faded Glory green peasant blouse

17. Mama necklace (has the charms my sis gave me before the birth of Bug and after the loss of Angel)

18. Glass heart necklace with interchangeable cords

19. Long star earrings

20. Invisibelt (to be replaced with a good quality black leather belt when funds are available)

21. black wrap (for chilly situations)

22. Alfred Dunner big black purse (can carry water bottles, diapers and wipes, Kindle, and anything else I could possibly need in there, but carries nicely even when half-empty as well)

23. Old Navy cheapo flips (for around the house and swimming)

24. Old Navy chunky flips (to be replaced with nicer ones when funds are available)

25. Connie sandals

26. Predictions strappy heels (for dressy occasions)

27. SO chunky boots (to be replaced with Doc Maarten Darcie chunky boots when funds are available)








The items of clothing that don't count in the Project 333 challenge but that I am still keeping track of are as follows:

3 bras

3 pairs of socks

7 pairs panties

2 sets (tee and pants) pajamas

2 bathing suits, 1 cover up, and 1 pr. board shorts

workout top, workout bottoms, athletic shoes

Everyday jewelry--wedding band, engagement ring, spoon ring, tiny hoop earrings, silver bracelet, black watch, star necklace

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I'm already thinking ahead to further Project 333 challenges. I can totally do maternity mixed with loose stuff for the October-December 2011 challenge and straight up maternity for the January-March 2012 challenge (since even though Sprite is due mid-March, I prob will still be most comfy in bigger clothes the first couple weeks post-delivery). Then I totally plan on jumping right back into stuff like I've got for this current challenge for the April-June 2012 challenge while working my butt off to lose weight...and I totally plan on being in skinnier clothes than any I've got on hand now by the time the July-August 2012 challenge rolls around!!

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This WOULD be more fun with pictures! I saw this challenge a while back too and was intrigued.

I think I would have trouble coming up with 33 items too.

I try to keep things pretty simple and minimalist, so I have my own "uniform"... slacks, 3/4 length sleeve fitted button down shirt, plus a sweater in the winter.

Slacks- 4 pair

Jeans- 1 pair

Shirts- 8

Sweaters- 8

Shoes- Dansko boots for winter/ Dansko clogs for the rest of the year

Coats- (I'm in Michigan, not Texas :) Rain coat, wool coat
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