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Project censored

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Project Censored is a program that collects under-reported stories in the US and compiles a list of the top 10 censored stories along with 15 runners up.

This year's top 10 censored stories:

1.)The neoconservative plan for global dominance

2.)Homeland security threatens civil liberties

3.)United States illegally removes pages from Iraq United Nations Report.

4.)Rumsfeld's plan to provoke terrorists

5.)The effort to make unions disappear

6.)Closing access to information technology

7.)Treaty busting by the United States

8.)US/British forces contine use of depleted uranium weapons despite massive evidence of negative health effects.

9.)In Afghanistan, poverty, women's rights and civil disruption are worse than ever.

10.)Africa faces threat of new colonialism.

For the full story with explanations of each of these headlines, here is the link:
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Thanks for the post, daylily. I wish more people were aware of Project Censored's work and the stories they uncover and expose. It is truly amazing what is underreported or not reported on in this country
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Hi Deirdre. It's nice to see you around.

You know, these stories were listed as "underreported" but most of them got a lot of discussion here in Activism!
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I hadn't heard of this before...thanks!

Just wanted to add the actual website for Project Censored:

And, the only link I could find about it on c-ville (from 2003 - not sure if I'm looking in the right place):
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