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Prolapse Question?

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Someone PLEASE tell me they have experienced this & that it is only temporary!! I've never had this before & only noticed it yesterday or the day before. I think that wearing the baby so often has caused/aggrevated it (I love wearing my baby.)

I have this feeling of stuff being closer to the "entrance" than it used to be. When I feel with my finger, it's not my uterus, thank goodness, but from the research online that I've done, I think it's my front vaginal wall being pushed by my bladder (although it's squishy & I don't feel a lump that would be my bladder.) I'm totally freaked out because my mom has a uterine prolapse which usually requires surgery (which she hasn't had - we haven't really discussed her "condition," maybe it's not that bad.)

Most of what I read said that surgery is the common treatment, but in mild cases, kegels might be sufficient.

I really, really hope that if I stop wearing him so much that this will return to normal. Maybe I'm just over-analyzing & it's not that abnormal or different then what it used to be..

The symptoms listed online included urinary incontinence, painful sex & the feeling of sitting on a golf ball, none of which I am experiencing (welp, I haven't had sex yet .)

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Kegel often and don't worry so much. I freaked out one time because of what I felt (described by you exactly!).

That was over 30 years ago. I am 60 and have not needed surgery yet and don't plan on it in the near (or far) future.

Just Kegel every day once or twice or more and everything will get back into shape. You don't have the symptoms of a prolapse. So what you are seeing or feeling might be normal after having a baby.

I never quit carrying my children nor lifting heavy things and it worked out just fine.
Kegels and lots of sex, my doctor told me I'd be incontinent based on how flacid my musculature was after the last baby (yeah happy new year to you too doctor)

But muscles bounce back! Do not shy away from sex its your best friend (and kegels) have some wine, get some lub.... and try to do it every night if possible.... if not you can exercise those muscles 'alone'
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Aaahhhh, thanks mamas, sigh. So sex eh? That's one treatment I can live with! I might have to drag Dp out of the dog house to help me heal, not that he'll object...
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