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Someone PLEASE tell me they have experienced this & that it is only temporary!! I've never had this before & only noticed it yesterday or the day before. I think that wearing the baby so often has caused/aggrevated it (I love wearing my baby.)

I have this feeling of stuff being closer to the "entrance" than it used to be. When I feel with my finger, it's not my uterus, thank goodness, but from the research online that I've done, I think it's my front vaginal wall being pushed by my bladder (although it's squishy & I don't feel a lump that would be my bladder.) I'm totally freaked out because my mom has a uterine prolapse which usually requires surgery (which she hasn't had - we haven't really discussed her "condition," maybe it's not that bad.)

Most of what I read said that surgery is the common treatment, but in mild cases, kegels might be sufficient.

I really, really hope that if I stop wearing him so much that this will return to normal. Maybe I'm just over-analyzing & it's not that abnormal or different then what it used to be..

The symptoms listed online included urinary incontinence, painful sex & the feeling of sitting on a golf ball, none of which I am experiencing (welp, I haven't had sex yet .)

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Oh, good luck with this. I've never experienced anything like that. Did your doctor have anything encouraging to say about it?
i would try kegels. my friend had this and that is what they suggested to her. if you are pretty sure about knowing how to do them correctly, i would do them as much as you can, most websites said 30-50 a day. my friend's doctor had her doing kegels and she is fine now. she was going to get some sort of device to help her do them, but she didn't. though she did go somewhere where they had a machine that helped her learn. something like this.

hope kegels work for you!!
I had this, but from the bottom end! yikes! Mine went away completely with time. I did do kegals, but funny enough, it seemed worse when I did them. I became pregnant again and was so afraid that it would get worse, but it magically disappeared. I wouldnt worry too much... sometimes things can take a couple of years to get back to normal!( I remember the sense of dread when I discovered mine though)
Whaddya mean "from the bottom end" village mama? Sorry, you can pm me if you'd rather!
Well... since its just a bunch of moms here.... You can prolapse on the front wall, which would mean that the bladder was prolapsing into the vagina... I had a rectocele... where the wall of the rectum prolapses into the vagina! I was only 20 when I had this... it was awful... I wont go into detail! But I had a very large baby with shoulder dyscotia... maybe that had somthing to do with it? Anyhow, I couldnt wear my keeper anymore, it was so uncomfortable. Seems to have healed up perfectly though!(it took two years)
Okay, I kwym..I think if I do have any type of prolapse, it would be a cystocele, the front wall (bladder) but I don't feel any "golf ball" like what is described in that form of prolapse. I have heard many moms say that they had a rectocele like you mentioned, especially after giving birth.

Did you do anything to help it heal or did it do so on it's own?
I think for some reason the pregnancy hormones, from when I was pregnant with my second, had magic healing powers! I was so afraid that it would get worse with a second birth, but I havent had any problems since. I did try doing more kegals, but for me at the time they seemed to aggravate it.
Just today I've had the sensation of having something iside me - especially when I do kegals or when I'm standing up. I told dh and he wanted me to mention it to our mw. TMI I felt inside and I'm kinda squishy swollen towards the back. I don't know if this is normal, but we both had babies around the same time so maybe this is just something that happens post partum. Hope you start feeling better soon.
Thanks Willow659, what freaked me out was that it didn't happen immediately after birth, but at 4+ weeks pp & only after I carried Samual in my pouch for hours on end - makes me think I pushed something out of place.

Are you going to see your mw? I have to go for my 6 wk soon but in the meantime I'm goint to go back to my chiro that helped me out with the pubic bone pain while I was pg. That has started bugging me a bit too, and I'm afraid it's related to whatever is going on down there. I emailed her w/ my symptoms & she agreed that an adjustment, concentrating on my pelvis, pubic bone area would speed up healing because of the nerve stimulation & that the uterus/bladder..all of that stuff is directly connected to ligaments connected to the pelic bones. Hope it works!
Let me know how it goes. My grand mother said to give it time that things loosen up for a while, She said that if "things" start coming down to just push them back where they go
and when tissues get back to normal they'll stay in place. She was pregnant a lot (only 4 kids due to rh incombatability
) and said that this started happening after her third.
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Just wanted to let you know that cytoceles and rectoceles are very very common and that the best idea is to leave it alone and do kegels. More people have them than realize. While they may become serious enough to have surgery, I would try and avoid surgery if possible as it may have further side-effects. Good luck.
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I don't know if this is normal, but we both had babies around the same time so maybe this is just something that happens post partum.
I have to take this back. I just saw my mw and I have a 2nd degree rectocele, 1st degree cytocele,and 1st degree cervical prolapse in the military position. I'm not sure what all of this means except that things aren't holding together very well down there
. She told me to keep up the kegels. Hope you're doing better.
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I had bladder prolapse after #1. Mine showed up after I went back to work and was on my feet all day. Kegels, Kegels and more Kegels are the best thing you can do. It took a while but things did get better. Unfortunately, I could tell that it was nowhere close to being back to where it should be before getting pg with #2. Being pregnant this time had been much more challenging in the tinkle department. Coughs, sneezes, carrying things that are too heavy, and having an over full bladder make me leak a little.

Surgery is an option, but only if you are done having kids.
Check out this site This woman explains how a change in posture might prevent, cure, or stop the progression of prolapses.
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