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proof for invites

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i love it - what do you think?

edited- I removed the link b/c it had our addy & phone number - DDC friends, PM me if you really wanna see...sorry.
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well i saw it before you deleted it (and now i'm gonna stalk you LOL) and it's beautiful!! is that your enormous teddy bear?? LOL i love it!! i love the color you chose for the background (behind the text). Love it!!!
Yeah but Michelle you know my info. anyway! It's Aaron's big teddy bear chair, but he doesn't use it anymore. I didn't actually pick anything - I just told 'em to do it any way they thought best - but I love how the blue looks with the sepia!
I also caught it before you deleted it (and I promise I'm no stalker! LOL) I really like the contrast between the blue and the sepia pictures. Great job!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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