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I'm pregnant (22 weeks) with a lingering case of atypical pneumonia. My son's school teacher bought me some propolis extract (20%) to help treat it naturally. I don't want to use antibiotics and if I'm not better by tomorrow they might want a chest x-ray. I'm desperate for a solution. The cough is a bit better but I'm on day 7 already with this pneumonia. So I'd like to try the propolis extract but I have no clue on how to dose. I understand that it isn't studied in pregnancy but I figure the risks of antibiotics are probably much worse. Anyone familiar with how to dose? She also gave me a goo composite that is made of honey/propolis/garlic/eucaliptus/copaiba. She said to take a spoonful about 3 times a day. My son is also suffering from this chronic walking pneumonia so if I can use this on him it would be good too. He is 3 yo. Poor guy spends the entire day coughing.
He is very sensitive to yeast so we don't want to give him ABX either.
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